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HomeNewsElectric sightseeing car battery maintenance will learn six

Electric sightseeing car battery maintenance will learn six

Although energy saving electric sightseeing cars more efficient, but this is life safety knowledge essential knowledge :
1 , Battery options: Lithium is generally used bottles [ large capacity, low self- consumption , low pollution ] , to prevent pollution of electrolyte leakage , corrosion and damage.
2 , the electric car charger wife : the electric car manufacturer with chargers generally have a personalized design requirements , electricity use when supporting a special charger. Different formulations and process due to the battery , the technical requirements are not the same charger , rechargeable battery charger which can be filled with what brand of batteries are not the same , so do not mix charger. If the mileage requirements are relatively long , must be equipped for remote charging multiple batteries , you should be ready to multiple full battery. There are four electric sightseeing cars and even higher than the supply voltage reaches 36 volts , the voltage exceeds the safety threshold, electric shock accident prone , so be careful.
Proper protection 3 , the electric car charger : General Instructions above all on the protection of the charger instructions. Many users do not read the instructions habits , often in addition to looking after the problem was reminded of the instructions to see , often too late, so it is necessary to look at the manual . In addition, the charger is generally not on the bike in the trunk and the car basket.
4 , the right to charge electric vehicles : battery will run out of flammable gas while charging , so the charge must not be in the storage room , basement and other narrow , sealed environment carried out to prevent an explosive mixture . When the electric vehicle battery charger for charging the need to maintain ventilation , otherwise not only affect the life of the charger , the charging status can also affect the thermal drift. This will damage the battery formation . Therefore, to ensure that the charging time of a bad environment is also very important . In the electric vehicle battery is not charging full ground state , so the state of the battery in the light cycle , the battery life will be extended.
5 , in time for charging electric vehicles : Electric vehicles to be promptly after charging the battery discharge began after the curing process , beginning at 12 hours , there is a clear cure . Timely charge , you can clear sulfide is not serious , if not promptly charged, these sulfide crystals will gradually accumulate to form coarse crystals , generally charger for these coarse crystals is powerless , it will gradually decrease battery capacity and shorten the battery life.
6 , develop some good saving habits: the possible use of electric cars start sliding , to prevent start-up current is too large, mechanical overload of work for a long time , causing the motor coils, circuits, batteries overheating and damage to the governor , even lead to disaster . Follows the slope of the time, as far as possible in advance of the use of power coastdown . When will encounter traffic lights ahead into glide , to minimize brake. Start , the best riding added boost, not only can improve the startup speed , and can reduce battery life loss and damage .

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