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  • cheap ezgo golf cart for sale
    cheap ezgo golf cart for sale
  • latest golf car for golfers with yamaha type
    latest golf car for golfers with yamaha type
  • good price 2 seater mini yamaha golf carts
    good price 2 seater mini yamaha golf carts
  • wholesale 4 seater cheap electric golf carts
    wholesale 4 seater cheap electric golf carts
  • jinghang 6 seater electric golf cart for sale
    jinghang 6 seater electric golf cart for sale
  • high quality fancy golf cars for sale
    high quality fancy golf cars for sale
  • factory 12 seater long golf cart for sale
    factory 12 seater long golf cart for sale
  • 4 seats yamaha motorized golf carts
    4 seats yamaha motorized golf carts
  • 6 seaters cool tour classic car
    6 seaters cool tour classic car
  • 8 seats electrical golf cart with ce
    8 seats electrical golf cart with ce


we JINGHANG SIGHTSEEING VEHICLE are one of leading company dedicated to design and manufacture sightseeing mini bus and Golf Cart since 2002, available with various design and OEM .
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    24 H Online Service No Time Difference.
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    We Were Established In 2002.
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    Our Factory Have More Than 100 Employees.
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    More Than 10000 Square Meters Technical R&D Building.
  • At present, most of the electric sightseeing cars on the market are motor, gearbox and rear axle, or double hub drive.This will not meet the demand of most of the market.Not on special rough roads or beaches.Then use "fine hang" electric four-wheel drive can meet the driving requirements.Electric four-wheel drive is driven by four wheels at the same time, the four wheels in different road conditions produced by the road resistance, with different torques to promote forward.Yongkang Jinghang Sightseeing Car Co., Ltd. Production of electric four-wheel drive golf cart, sightseeing car is the use of flat road can switch the rear wheel drive, the front wheel lock.Open the front wheel transmission lock (electronically controlled) on rough roads and distribute the four-wheel torque according to road conditions.Motor output torque is increased by two speed change.Rational configuration of four - wheel split.The four wheels can be independently suspended under the premise of the corresponding torque.In order to achieve the ability to climb the hill, the ability to pass the roadblock, driving fun, multi-functional electric environmental protection purposes.It is widely used in clubs, farms, urban management, airports, stations, large factories, property, hospitals and other places in tourist attractions.
    2021-05 22
  • Sightseeing bus is a kind of ferry vehicle, which is generally powered by batteries, environment-friendly and pollution-free, and makes effective use of resources.There are many kinds of sightseeing buses. According to different application scenarios, they can be divided into urban sightseeing buses, mountain sightseeing buses, VIP sightseeing buses, etc.According to the different energy power, it can be divided into electric sightseeing vehicle, fuel-powered sightseeing vehicle and hybrid sightseeing vehicle.In recent years, with the rapid growth of China's domestic tourism market, the number of domestic tourists continues to rise, sightseeing bus market also presents a good momentum of development. Electric sightseeing bus With the rapid development of domestic tourism, the national tourism Development Plan for the 13th Five-Year Plan has clearly defined the strategy of "taking transformation and upgrading, improving quality and efficiency as the theme, and promoting the development of region-wide tourism as the main line". All localities have actively practiced the concept of region-wide tourism development.According to data released by the National Bureau of Statistics, 6.01 billion domestic tourists visited China in 2019, an increase of 8.4 percent over the previous year.Domestic tourism revenue reached 5725.1 billion yuan, up 11.7 percent.The sightseeing bus, as a regular means of transportation, has brought great convenience and comfort to tourists, and can see as much as possible all the s
    2020-09 15
  • New power system of electric golf cart: four-wheel drive power mode It was a metamorphosis: it took 30 years to go from the rear drive system to the all-wheel-drive system.Electric golf cart from the original golf course dedicated vehicles, developed to today in real estate, tourist attractions, parks, large amusement parks, resorts, villas, airports, docks and other scenes used. The slope of the golf course is not big, the load is not heavy (usually 2 people seat), there is no too much requirement for the power of the vehicle.With the constant change of the use scene, the slope is steeper, the slope is longer, and the road is bumpy and unequal.The number of people carrying the load also keeps increasing, from the original 2 seats to the current 6 seats, 8 seats and 10 seats.The constant changes in the use of the field and the weight of the load make it necessary to reform the power of the golf cart.From the original rear-wheel drive mode has been unable to meet the current use of the situation. Yongkang Jinghang sightseeing vehicle Co., LTD., due to the situation, is facing the difficulties head-on.After 5 years of research and development by the product development Department of the company, the all-time four-wheel drive power system was successfully developed at the beginning of 2020.Without changing the original motor power, the four-wheel drive electric golf cart can better solve the climbing and load bottleneck of the use scene.Thus the electric golf cart produced a qualitative change. Working principle of the four-wheel drive power system: Eliminate the speed difference between front and rear axle through the action of the central differential, so that four-wheel drive can be guaranteed at any time.
    2020-09 11
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